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KMI System is a company that grows with customers and creates value.

Personnel and Welfare System

Personnel System

  • Recruitment Process
    People who put "us" first and put common goals first
    - 1st: Document Screening
    - 2nd: Interview Screening
  • Payment Management
    KMISYS System always strives at improving employee welfare.
    - Bonus: bonus payments (bank transfer)
    - Payment of various allowances: task, position, family-related, qualifications, etc.

Welfare System

The best company begins with a healthy body and mind and a happy family life of members.
Various welfare programs are implemented to lead a wealthy and healthy life.
  • Working for 5 days a week
  • Insurance: national pension, health insurance, employment insurance, occupational health, and safety insurance
  • Holidays: yearly/monthly paid holidays, monthly physiological leaves, family event holidays, a special holiday, summer holiday
  • Providing convenience at work: providing lunch and dinner, dormitory operation, providing uniform
  • Other Welfare Benefits: excellent employee award, expenses support for congratulations and condolences, technology field trip (overseas), foreign language education, support for book purchase costs, etc.