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System Solution

Hybrid / EV

  • Battery Pack
  • It is a pack module device with an integration of the battery that supplies DC high-voltage in hybrid or electric automobiles and other core components such as BMS, PRA, and blower motors.
  • Evaluation of comprehensive functions and performances for BPA
  • - Connection resistance test between main pins: Three places
  • - Insulation resistance test: Four places
  • - CAN Data Monitoring & Mimicking
    : Energy, cell voltage, voltage deviation in cells, SOC, temperature, voltage, no-load current
  • - PRA Relay Control test
  • - Blower Fan Air volume test
  • BMS
  • It is equipment that monitors the state of the battery in hybrid or electric automobiles, controls charge and discharge to maintain an optimum state, and controls voltage balancing of battery cells.
  • Evaluation of comprehensive functions and performances for inverters
  • - Battery Charge Voltage Simulation
    - Battery Cell Balancing Voltage Simulation
    - Battery Module Temperature Simulation
    - CAN Data Copy and Monitoring
    - Data copy from vehicles required for BMS operation
    - PRA Control and Monitoring
    - Cooling fan control and Monitoring
    - Dew sensor resistance Simulation
    - PRA Current monitoring
  • Inverters
  • Evaluation of comprehensive functions and performances for inverters
  • - CAN Transmission/Reception available
    - MAIN/HSG Motor temperature measuring function
    - MAIN/HSG Motor speed measuring function
    - MAIN/HSG Motor location information
    - Detection of input high-voltage abnormality
    - Supplementary battery voltage abnormality
    - Short-time rating in motors
    - Motor efficiency (loss) test
  • LDC
  • HEvaluation of comprehensive functions and performances for HDC
  • - Input/output efficiency determination
    - Whether or not input high-voltage is normal
    - Whether or not output low-voltage is normal
    - Output voltage ripple measurement
    - Protection function with output overcurrent detection
    - Protection function with output over-/low-voltage detection
    - Protection function with input over-/low-voltage detection
    - Waitan compensatory function
  • HEV/EV Motor
  • Performance evaluation of testing products for automotive battery performances
  • Performance evaluation of motor efficiency, INV efficiency, and batteries efficiency
  • Performance evaluation of continuous normality and overload transition
  • Fault diagnosis evaluation