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System Solution
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System Solution


  • It is a sensor that measures information (location, movement) of objects (vehicles, people, etc.) on the road by using radio waves and enables the real-time perception of a vehicle's surrounding environment while a vehicle is actually operating.
  • - Antenna Inspection ( Near / Far mode) and calibration
    - Regulation Inspection ( Long / Short distance)
    - MIMO test / SNR Inspection
  • SCC (Smart-cruise-control) is an ECU that automatically controls the vehicle's speed in operation and maintains a consistent distance between vehicles by utilizing a forward-looking radar (MRR) to detect other vehicles. AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking) is an ECU that uses a radar sensor and a camera equipped in a vehicle and prevents an accident with a person or a vehicle in front that a collision is detected from.
  • - Radar-mounted horizontal / vertical angle check
    - Radar information / communication check
    - Alignment DTC check
    - Yaw rate Signal check
    - Camera Singnal Error check
  • SPAS
  • Voltage/Current measuring: dark current and current consumption
  • CAN response time Measurement
  • ECU ID code check
  • Internal A/D voltage Measurement
  • Fail safe check
  • CAN simulation
  • Constant CAN input/output monitoring – Max. 3000 hours
  • DTC check
  • BSD
  • Product performance evaluation by a CAN communication control
  • INDICATOR Operation performance evaluation
  • SW Operation performance evaluation
  • Leakage and Standby Current performance evaluation
  • Fault diagnosis evaluation